Kim Upstill Kim Upstill


Bitch Kitchen

Berlin | Berkeley | Oakland | Portland | Seattle   2016-present

Bitch Kitchen takes as its starting point an interest in oral history, radical inclusion, tactile involvement, and women's bodies/stories throughout history. For each Bitch Kitchen two collaborating artists select three to four women to focus on over their collaboration. The collaborators research these women through emphatically non-academic avenues including but not limited to gossip, wikipedia, and horoscopes. When completed the loose and steady research is turned into a menu-zine, multi-course dinner themed around lyric elements unearthed during the course of the research. Each diner is imagined an offering, a feast, and an oral history ripe with the sweetness of personal memory.

The menu-zines presented and shared during each meal are designed to be flexible to regional and personal edits. The stories within them are written to be retold and re-held by a multitude of mouths, in a variety of venues. With Bitch Kitchen we wish fundamentally to encourage celebrations of marginalized histories, expand the idea of oral histories and resilience and offer community gatherings that create spaces of shared warmth and growth.