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Kim Upstill Kim Upstill



An exploration of skin, contact, color, bumping into things, dumpster food, and healing.

Made in collaboration with Everything Under The Sun, Bruises was a dinner event that explored the idea of bruises on our food, our bodies and our emotional selves. Tables at the Agora Cafe were arranged to form a U shape leaving an internal pathway between the central column of the space and dining tables. Diners were seated around the perimeter of the U facing the central column where the meal prepared and distributed from a central axis. The hanging lamps of the cafe were swathed in fabric and attached to each other suggesting bandages or swaddling.

Over four courses the meal variously performed and investigated bruising; from foods that heal physical bruises through to culinary interpretations of somatic reactions to emotional trauma. Dark, juicy food was the focus of the menu and, with no cutlery provided, the participants were encouraged to eat with only their hands, progressively staining the white paper table clothes laid down and stitched together for the meal. Each place setting at the table was accompanied by a menu-zine of eight illustrations paired to correspond with each course served.