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Kim Upstill Kim Upstill

Corporeal Idioms


Imagined as an adventure for our communal body, a tactile metaphor and a consumable love letter to the collaborative movement we call blues dancing.

During the Summer of 2016 I worked in the kitchen of Recess Productions, a dance event organization based in Portland Oregon, at their event in Albacete, Spain. Inspired by my personal interactions at the event in Albacete, with organizers and participants on and off the dance floor, Corporeal Idioms was created for their subsequent event in Bergamo, Italy.

Based on short interviews with event organizers Leah Vendl, Patrick Hyland, Justin Riley, Kyle Huth, Ely Fair, and Shane Clark, I designed and implemented a menu that embodied the kinds of intimacies which show up on the dance floors Recess Productions creates and curate. Served to all 60 participants at the Bergamo event, the five course menu moved from The Quality of the Air Between Us: the breath you take as you step into a dance, through to the closing platter Everything All At Once: the feeling of emerging out of a dance back into the larger social net of the event. 

To create the meal I designed a slow paced, femme focused work plan inviting Leah and Shane to join me for a quiet, joyful prep work. The afternoon  included picking bouquets of jasmine flowers, feeding each other gelato, arranging our ingredients into an alter and scooping melons slowly and stickily in the low light.