Kim Upstill Kim Upstill



Berkeley, California 2018

“The Center for Hydrosocial Studies is a living archive concerned with the connection between water and people. We observe the capacity of water to consolidate and erode power. We are interested in the collection, measurement, distribution, conservation, and use of water, as well as techniques of introspection, intervention, intuition, imagination, and the impossible.”

(opening text from the website for The Center for Hydrosocial Studies)

Made in collaboration with The Center for Hydrosocial Studies, Flow/Control was a three course dinner where food, table treatment, and video helped to embody and saturate research presented by the centers three researchers Annie Danis, Rose Linke, and Andrea Steves. Touching on and conversing with the fear of deep water, legal legislation in the protection of meadows, and acequia preservation in New Mexico the dinner included Jaws, wet mud, pungent lilies, sticky natto, and jasmine marshmallows skewered on handfuls of sweet grass set on fire. Each course included a written or spoken presentation by each researcher, and accompanying tactile interventions by Kim.

photo by Ward Long