Kim Upstill Kim Upstill


Odd Park

Seattle, Washington 2018

An emphasis on blackberries and the memory of afternoons, prickly nostalgia, going back into a memory. I don’t have the book with me but Lisa Robertson writes about blackberries as anarchic architecture, I’m thinking also about sleeping beauty, or getting something sweet and painful as an experience with the wild.

Odd Park was created as the opening meal for Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival, held in Seattle Washington. It was a space created to welcome artists, donors, and viewers and to collectively begin to welcome the blurring of the public and private, the performative and interpersonal, and to beginning of sinking collectively into durational work.

“Welcome into a thicket of blackberries in the middle of a disused park, that is steeped in language, that is riff with roots and broken stone, it is warm and sunny and contains your friends, it’s near a stream and we are suspended in mud, this is a momentary utopia of feeling contained by thorns, alert and sun drenched and satiated.” (opening text, presented in place of a menu on each table)

photo by Jessa Carter