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Kim Upstill Kim Upstill


Rituals For Removing Creative Blocks

Berkeley, California 2017

Public Performance and Chapbook
CollaboratIon with Liat Arendt and Leora Fridman

"That moment when we’ve carved out our precious time to make, experience, or support art, and instead we just feel stuck, insecure, or exhausted. All we can make contact with is stress, pressure, or the immensity of our to-do lists. We find ourselves wondering why we’re even committed to the making and sharing of creative work, and why we even got into this in the first place." (Rituals For Removing Creative Blocks chapbook, 2017)

Rituals for Removing Creative Blocks, an Emerging Arts Professionals (EAP) MADE project awardee, offered somatic instructions to solve blocks of contemporary creative life, and presented these instructions through ritualized and playful banquet-gatherings in Fall of 2017.

Liat Arendt and Leora Fridman worked to create lyric rituals that tugged at absurdist logic, while Kim Upstill created somatic food and space design to soften the delivery. Participants submitted blocks and arrived on an afternoon in October, to a communal table in a bookstore backyard, to receive their rituals.

From these experiments Liat and Leora created and released the The Ritual For Removing Creative Blocks chapbook published 2017.