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Sad Event, hosted at The Butchers Tears in Amsterdam in July 2016, was an event conceptualized and organized by Fathia Mohidin and Natalia Rebelo to ask questions around public space and personal sadness. Why is the performance of joy a presupposition of most public events? What is the healing potential of events where one can be honestly, publicly sad? Sad Event provided a possible solution to these questions. In collaboration with Asli Htpglu a menu was created which gave guests a choice in how to engage with their sadness: to wallow or to mediate.

People who approached the food counter were asked not what they would like to eat but how they choose to cope. Dumpster diving provided more than half of the produce used, including a huge bouquet of wilted Irises, some deeply bruised fennel, and a box of hard plantains. Preparation of the food itself was conducted in a rental kitchen over discussion about world politics, heartbreak, hopelessness and poignant silences. Plating reflected the apathy symptomatic of thinking everything is terrible, while the event itself culminated in public karaoke and cake.