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Kim Upstill Kim Upstill



Tug boats, floating plastics, voyeurism, small waves. Love over water. The city as toy, condition, entry, destination.

Seeing The City was produced for the Wellington Fringe Festival 2016 in collaboration with my twin sister Ania Upstill. Performed for an intimate 20 person audience during a five night run in February 2016. The show explored themes of internal and external structures between sibling and cities through the window of urban ghosts, city bylaws, and food. Constructed of relationships to city and interpersonal limitations, the piece was structured in four acts, with each act corresponding to a different Wellington City bylaw. 

Each act investigated the ways legal structures constrain experience, overlay onto emotional landscapes, and as such can work as lyrical starting points for food and service. Each act was prefaced by the reading of a law and contained physical theater explorations, food preparation, and food service. A menu-zine was given to each participant at the beginning of the piece containing poetic cues, program information, and ingredient lists for each act as well as documentary photos from our research around Wellington.